Company Overview

Backyard Coop Company is a family owned and operated small business in Kingston Georgia.We offer  very unique chicken Coops for sale.


Gus Thornton


Chris, My wife for 57 Years


Chris, David and Gus

We have 30 years experience in construction and woodworking  such as building homes, barns, animal shelters and furniture.  Before retirement, Gus Thornton worked as a company owner and engineer.  Following retirement, Gus returned to his roots of farming and used his skills to develop a chicken coop and modular run system for limited space.  The application of his coop designs fills a gap for those having limited space but wanting to raise their own eggs and poultry.  Gus wanted to share this knowledge of a “better way” and “a better coop” for those also wanting to get back to healthy living.  Gus’s son, David, has also joined the project.  David is a Chaplain with the Georgia Army National Guard and a Master Electrician and enjoys the small farm movement.

Samantha Hall Coop

SamanthaHall’s Suburban Coop

Heritage“Back Yard Coop Company” specifically designs and builds coops and Runs for the small farmer and backyard grower in mind. The coops are attractive, functional and built to give years or worry free service. We will not deliver products until they meet our highest quality standards.


Limited Space?…Our coops can help you maximize your backyard into a egg producing farm!  Our desire is to help you get back to simpler time and the satisfaction of knowing that you raise healthy food for your family and friends. You can join the “Backyard Coop” family of folks that have learned the time honored tradition of raising their own food. Our mission is to accomplish just that…raising your own vegetables, poultry and eggs with minimal space. There’s nothing like waking up to the “clucking” of chickens and a good meal that you have raised.

Tractor XL

Tractor XL

Our mission is to design and build the finest, most cost effective, Coop on the market today. We have delivered 1000 Coops to satisfied customers……and counting