Options for Chicken Coop and Tractor Add-On


BCC Tractor Kit:

The Tractor Kit converts all BCC Standard coops to a very sturdy, easy to use, reliable Chicken Tractor. One person can move the coop to a new yard location for free Range grazing.


Automatic Door


Operates off battery Price $350

Automatic chicken door allows "unattended free ranging"

Automatic Door Option $350

Options for all Tractors


Feeder $50 Waterier $50

Tractor XL Options

Tractor XL Options: EZ-Roller (Back Wheels)

Price $200

The Tractor Kit is designed and built by BCC (Backyard Coop Company) as an optional accessory to Medium and Large BCC coops. The design is property of BCC. Patent applied for.


Definition: Tractor

A name given to portable Chickens Coops that can be moved (rolled) from one grassy location to another.


To allow Backyard Chickens to free range in your backyard in a safe and secure coop. Free Range grazing allows chickens the eat grass, bugs, grubs, worms and natural food that make healthy chickens and organic eggs. Click HERE to see the USDA test results for pasture fed chickens